Bee Saving Paper Will Feed Hungry Bees When You Throw It Away

By Melinda Cafferty, Natural Blaze

A Polish startup has come up with a whimsically innovative way of turning a common waste product into an “energy drink” for pollinators.

GNN reports:

Bee Saving Paper is a biodegradable paper that is packed full of energy-rich glucose that is nutritious and delicious for bees – and it does not even make the paper sticky.

The material is made by dissolving a special kind of sugar into water, making a paste that beekeepers use to nourish their hives during the winter. According to the paper startup’s website, only 0.5 kilograms of the substance is enough to feed several thousand bees.

The paper is also made with honey plant seeds, which means that once the bee eats up all the glucose, the paper’s biodegradation will grow another “rest stop” for bees in its place.

Can Pollinators Recognize the Paper as a Food Source?

And yes, the colored circles on the paper in the photo above was painted there on purpose. It’s a water-based UV paint used in colored circles that are only visible to bees – and attract them, too.

Of course, this could mean that you may not want to write to your Aunt Ursula until you are indoors!

Not Just a Novelty – Bee Saving Paper Can Really Feed Bees

In 2017, Bee Saving Paper field tested the paper on a Polish farm that was struggling with a scanty bee population. After presumable success, the company is now looking for other businesses to purchase the paper for their office needs.

What’s even better. Manufacturers can start using the material in packaging, paper bags, boxes, stationary, tickets – anything! Hey – let’s use bee saving paper to replace BPA-ridden receipts.

As long as there are not questionable ingredients that could harm the environment or other animals – we totally approve this innovation!

Watch how it works below:

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