Morning Inspiration: Stay True To Your Own Goals (Motivational Video with Casey Neistat)


Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION, thanks to Conscious Life News

Where you decide to expend your efforts will decide where you end up in life. The ideal is to find a way to stay true to your own goals that you’ve laid out for yourself. If you don’t have any goals yet, then finally take the time to decide what you want out of life.

“When it comes to where I want to exude my efforts and energy in life, it’s on something that I want to make sure is true to my own mission and my own goals. So working for myself is something I take very seriously and everybody I work with are people who in some capacity share a similar vision. So really it’s like this ‘Be Your Own Boss’ (it’s like) if you’re in the right place there is no boss. It becomes a collaborative effort by a group of individuals that share a mutual ambition and that’s how I’d like to think of everything I’ve done since I quit my last job, wherever it was 14 years ago.” Casey Neistat

Watch and be motivated today!!


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