Kidest OM: The Healing Power of Presence Awareness

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Steve Beckow: We feature two articles on the power of awareness, one recent article from Kidest OM and a repost of a similar article from Len Satov, below. Thanks to Tanga.

The Healing Power of Presence Awareness


The healing power of presence awareness is accessible to you at any given point in time. Presence, the quiet state of simply being here in this moment always brings with it a cleansing flow of energy. Where mind creates stories, motion, narratives, and projections, presence-awareness stills all mental movement bringing about a state of clarity, ease, and a sense of freedom.
What creates tension, what creates stress and distress, what creates discord both within yourself and between you and your world is the impulse of the outer mind to constantly be in motion.

From thought to thought, from projection of the past to projection of the future, from criticism to judgement the outer mind continually convulses and cycles up into awareness in a variety of shapes and forms. This continual movement of mind has to be brought into motionlessness to give both your psyche and body an opportunity to reset and restore. Health and well-being in all spheres of life require a balance between total activity and total rest. Mind brings total activity, presence-awareness brings total rest.

Healing is innate and natural in mind and body. It’s a natural activity that brings about balance and equilibrium within the psyche, within the body, and in your energy field. All of the aspects of your being are continually self-correcting, self-generating, and regenerating to maintain coherency and cohesiveness. What these layers of your being access to bring about their own restorations is pure consciousness, the energy of presence-awareness. Healing the psyche and healing the body, then, both require continual access to the space and state of being that at its core transcends the physical. This state of being is within you and it’s always available to be accessed and allowed to flow through all the layers of your being.
Intentional or deliberate healing and accelerating your return to center on any level, begins with the ability to directly see and access this core stable ever-present open presence at will. You have the ability to “drop out” of thought and mind-stuff at any given moment. You have the ability to withdraw from your perceptions, from your stories, to pull yourself back into your core center, your center of rest. The mental activity, the endless narratives that arise within you, between you, and within another all generate a fog that masks the imperturbable core that is always here and now. Wherever you notice drama, wherever you notice some in-harmonious pattern arising, some story or expression of discord, chaos, or inflexibility, you’re getting an invitation to look right into the eye of that apparent storm.

The eye of that storm is always and in all ways Presence, for everything around your and within you is grounded in that Stillness. That center of equilibrium you experience as pure presence when the mind has quieted, that open spaciousness and sense of expanded awareness you access when you slow down and stop the momentum of thought, is always present. The ground of your being, the foundation out of which all the layers of your psyche, your personality, your physicality emerge is this awareness, this pure consciousness, this state of pure existence that hasn’t been obscured or mired by the numerous movements of mind-stuff.

Let yourself frequently drop into this center. Daily and throughout your day bring yourself back to the core. Allow whatever it is to arise. Whether it’s arising within you, between you and someone else, or you are observing its arising within someone else, make space for it. There is nothing to resist. There is nothing to make wrong. There is nothing to fight against. Every pattern coming into awareness, every form, can be witnessed without judgement from this ground of being. There is no need to generate thought. There is no need to create meaning. There is no need to perpetuate any narrative or pattern of perception. You can move into the restful invitation of your own core at and in any moment.

If you find yourself entranced by mind stuff, ask yourself:

Am I willing to simply notice this as a pattern emerging into awareness?
Can I let go of wanting to make this mean something?
Would I let go of creating any judgement around this?
Do I recognize that there is nothing to fix or solve here in this moment?
Do I recognize that whatever this is has already been solved in consciousness?
Can I let go of wanting to fix and solve this right now?
Can I let go of all that thoughts are prompting of me and just be here?
Can I allow myself to just be here in this moment and nothing more?

Whatever your ambition, whatever your drive, whatever goals you’ve set before you, make accessing and dropping into Stillness a daily part of your approach. Be in Stillness, let yourself move between activity and total internal rest easily. Let your innate rhythm of activity and rest emerge and become a part of your way of being in the world. Bring that balance of being the doer and being the doorway, being in activity and being a portal to pure presence, into your everyday tasks.
As you make this your way of being consciously and intentionally, you’ll find that you’re centered in most things; you’ll find healing being innate and natural; and you’ll allow yourself to continually move through perceptual blocks and setbacks, freeing up your creative energy for whatever you’ve set out to materialize.


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