What Causes What? – Part 1/2


The dance of thoughts and feelings Credit: Karmina Latin & Ballroom Dancing

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


As a student of human behavior, I continue to be amazed at the dance of thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes thoughts seem to give rise to feelings. But sometimes feelings appear to call up certain thoughts.

Then add action to the mix. You’d have to add intention as well.

When are we going to get to electrical impulses in the brain? Oh, it’s all so complicated.

What causes what?

I’d like to restrict myself to the dance of thoughts and feelings, if you’d allow me.

The object of this dance seems to be that we end up feeling good, feeling happy, feeling satisfied. And we want that state of being to continue forever, worlds without end.

That to me is the most essential driving force of the human race, rivalled only by the desire to taste the bliss of orgasm.

Whether its bliss, happiness, or satisfaction we seek, we all want to feel good.

Our favored thoughts become those which promise to have us feel good and our resisted thoughts, those that promise to have us feel bad.

I believe that the motivation of most human behavior is that simple: A quest to feel good.

So far we’re operating in our own individual world or thought-bubble. Just us (and our cellphones).

But when we begin to introduce other people into the equation, life gets more complicated still.

(To be concluded tomorrow.)

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