The Changing Nature of “Reality”


TJ Ryan

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


In the radio interview I did recently with TJ Ryan, on his Out There program, (1) he said something interesting. TJ remarked that, after his heart opening, he could simply remember higher-dimensional Love and he’d be back in it.

I’ve noticed that, too (and wrote on it once) – that I also can remember Love and be back in it.

This morning I noticed something else. I can feel a little bit of love and bliss and, if I will myself to fill myself up with it, it quickly responds by expanding to fill the space.

What’s the significance of these two developments? Well, in my view, they contribute to the impression that the density we’ve been living in all our lives is at last easing or perhaps lifting.  It just requires us to see the subtle evidence around us.

There doesn’t seem to be any way around the fact that we’re required to “wake up” to the change in density. There won’t be flashing lights in the sky saying “It happened!” It’ll be gradual and may not even be noticeable – at least at this point in the process.

We need to test out whether things are as we’ve always thought of them or whether they only appear to be so because we think of them that way. Believing is seeing.

We need to check out whether the familiar is still real (if it ever was), whether what we’ve accepted as true all these years remains true or is only true in our beliefs.


(1) The interview is on Out There! at


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