The Power of Awareness for Mindfulness and Manifestation

By Jan Moore, Conscious Life News

The Power of Awareness is one of the most powerful tools in the toolkit of developing mindfulness and mindful manifestation.

In this video, I share how being in the present moment is the key to awareness because it is only in the present moment that you have power. What happened in the past no longer exists and what is in the future is purely in your imagination and does not yet exist, and may never exist.

The Power of Awareness of Thoughts

Being aware of what is going on in your head is essential. Is your inner critic speaking negatively about you? Are you getting fearful thoughts – if so, you are out of the present moment? Is your mind racing, trying to find the solution to a problem?

The Power of Awareness and Emotions

Thoughts and emotions are closely linked. Are you feeling fearful, anxious, depressed or unhappy? How can you change these emotions? By shifting your attention and changing your thoughts.

The Power of Awareness and Feelings

Feelings are linked to intuition. When you are aware and tune in to how you feel about something you are getting inner guidance. If something feels good, your intuition is saying YES! If it doesn’t feel good, if you feel uncomfortable or have a yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach (your solar plexus), in other words, a “gut feel”, your intuition is saying NO!

The Power of Awareness of Self

Get to know yourself – “Know Thyself” as the oracle at Delphi says. Develop the self-knowledge, study your personality profile to understand your personality preferences and your natural gifts and abilities. By developing self-knowledge you develop self-acceptance and ultimately self-love, and you are able to discover your life purpose and soul mission. Self-love is an essential factor in manifestation because you have to feel worthy of receiving your desires and intentions otherwise you block the process of manifestation.

The Power of Awareness of Other People

How do you FEEL when you’re with friends, family members and people you encounter in your everyday life? Tune into your awareness of people’s energy and whether you resonate with them. If someone is habitually pessimistic, negative or complaining their vibration will be low which will be uncomfortable if you’re of a higher vibration and you may feel your energy is drained by being in the presence of an “energy vampire”. Choose to be with people who maintain or increase your vibration with their positivity and enthusiasm (from enthous ‘possessed by a god, inspired’). Be discerning and selective about who you spend your time with.

Mindful Manifestation

The more you develop awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings you’ll develop the ability to discern whether you are in alignment with what you want to manifest, and take action to bring them into alignment. As within, so without. To change your outer reality you need to change your inner state of being. That is where your power lies.

Jan Moore The Success AlchemistJan Moore – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach and can be found at She delivers practical life and business strategies plus intuitive guidance, sprinkled with spiritual and metaphysical principles so you can create unstoppable success in life and business. Get your FREE copy of her Dream Achievers Success Kit or apply for a complimentary Unstoppable Success Strategy SessionHer book Empowered Manifestation is available on Amazon. Visit her YouTube Channel for more tips, tools, and training to help you become unstoppable. You can also visit her Facebook Page and join her Facebook Group, Unstoppable You – Breakthrough to Brilliance. Jan also hosts the Cosmic Creating Show every Saturday on Cosmic Reality Radio – listen to the recordings here.



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